Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-10.35.31-AMThingLink, by Thinglink, was all the rage at the ISTE 13 conference, and for good reason. This app opens up limitless educational authentic based learning possibilities and it is available on all platforms. It is also FREE! We were slightly taken aback that we had never heard of this app prior to the conference, as we consider ourselves “in the know.”  Well, we‘re onto it now and want to sing its praises loud and clear. This is another revolutionary app. So, what makes this ThingLink so great? This app will fire up the creativity that we are all so concerned is being stifled in our present day school systems. You’ve heard every picture tells a story; with ThingLink you can make your images come alive and tell the story in any way you wish by embedding music, video and text right into any image. Yes, that’s right – make your image instantly interactive. Teachers With Apps had the pleasure of speaking with Neil Vineberg, the CMO at Thinglink. Neil is helping shape a major generational transformation in how we all engage with images. This is huge news for the educational sector. He feels that, ”ThingLink interactive images can help students develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning.” We can vouch for that, we field-tested the app with kids of all ages and every group was beyond excitement; teachers couldn’t stop talking about the endless possibilities for classroom applications. Touch (or use cursor) the image below to see what we are talking about.

Amazing, right? Now check out what one of the SLPs on our review team created using ThingLink: Coming in July by Avokiddo Testing the app out

ThingLink for iPad lets you create an interactive images instantly, with links to your own 30 second videos, YouTube videos, text and @Twitter IDs. It’s super fun to use and a wonderful way for students to capture and describe the world around them. Share via text message, email, and social channels. 

ThingLink for the Web allows you to embed interactive images into blogs, wikis and Edmodo with a click. Share on Twitter and Facebook. And follow channels of fellow teachers.  

Resources for using ThingLink with your students:
ThingLink Education (free Interactive Images you can use with students)
ThingLink Toolkit for Teachers (with Common Core Resources) (by @soxnevad)

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  1. […] Thinglink, by Thinglink, was all the rage at the recent ISTE conference, and for good reason. (RT @TeachersApps: ThingLink, by Thinglink, was all the rage at the ISTE 13 conference, and for good reason.  […]

  2. [...] Thinglink, by Thinglink, was all the rage at the recent ISTE conference, and for good reason.  [...]

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